Remote business friends in a foreign land

For 10 years, EMBIQ works for many companies from other countries. It is not a mystery that the USA is a typical client for Polish startups and medium businesses. It is popular for admitting to being a foreign company in the USA. And it seems to be quite familiar in times of globalization. Offshoring is an attractive way to improve your business. It is part of the outsourcing system. But what exactly does it mean?

Offshoring is a better version of outsourcing

Offshoring is the relocation of specific production processes of goods and services outside the parent company's country. More and more companies decide to change their location. Some businesses consider the possibilities of development and implementation of strategic objectives in a particular country. As an innovative company functioning system, offshoring is effective when clear legal and financial rules are presented to the investor. What matters is the currency's position and strength, the possibility of contacts with clients, and similarities in the organizational culture. As a member of the European Union, Poland meets these international standards (e.g., concerning banking law and personal data protection), making it an attractive partner in business negotiations. The scale leans even more in its favor when added to the labor market's high potential - Poland's specialists are well-qualified staff with high language skills.

...a little help from our local friends

It is not so simple to be new in a foreign country. But it is simple to ask for some help. In the USA, many places helped when the company took the first steps in developing business in North America. They are sharing not only the office or workspace but also the knowledge and foreign culture. 

The Nevada Small Business Development Center - assists Nevadans looking to start and grow businesses, with objectives to increase business starts, create and retain jobs, and increase access to capital. One-on-one counseling services are free and confidential. Nevada SBDC also offers and coordinates a wide range of workshops and courses in collaboration with public and private entities. Nevada SBDC the expertise, knowledge, and innovative training necessary to help startup and ongoing businesses succeed.

Work in Progress - an excellent place for freelancers and small businesses looking for creative space for work. Coworking spaces like Work in Progress allow all kinds of workers, from traveling employees who need a desk for a day to startups on a shoestring budget, to get precisely the amount of office they need.

Black Fire Innovation is a public-private partnership between UNLV Office of Economic Development and Caesars Entertainment Innovation. There is a possibility to rent a co-working space or classroom, and fully-equipped resort amenities, including a commercial kitchen, casino floor, hotel rooms, esports arena, VR lab, and sportsbook.

Ioterra - is an online, business marketplace enabling companies to build a smarter, more connected world. Ioterra aims to be the go-to, online resource for entrepreneurs innovating with smart technology and companies looking to digitally transform their industries. Businesses can browse Ioterra to find resources, platforms, and expert service providers capable of accelerating their IoT initiative. 

A similar situation is on the Polish side. Many programs are helping software companies to develop their business. It is comfortable because the IT section in Poland is becoming bigger and stronger. Innovation is growing fast, and the Polish government understands that it can be proud of and needs to support it. But the same situation is with the American side. Here are a few examples of how businesses could use a little help to expand their market. 

Go to Brand - it is a contest for small and medium polish enterprises for participation in fairs, exhibitions, business missions or conferences abroad, and additional promotional activities to finance a consulting service's costs that will help you learn how to promote the company abroad. 

NCBR Poland - The National Centre for Research and Development aims to increase Polish teams research's global competitiveness through collaboration with partners foreign, gaining international experience, know-how transfer, and strengthening Poland's global position. NCRD participates in the organization of competitions for international research and development projects. Together with StartUp Nevada at the beginning of this year started NCBR-NAP: NCBR-Nevada Acceleration Program. 

NLAB Nevada Lubelskie Acceleration Bridge - a regional contest for companies located in Lubelskie region. There is an excellent example of cooperation between Polish and American areas. NLab Nevada-Lubelskie acceleration bridge is an international event aimed at establishing partnerships and exchanging experiences between business representatives worldwide. The event is organized by the Head of Lublin Voivodeship and the State of Nevada (USA). The event is related to Nevada's visit to a multi-discipline economic mission, organized by the Nevada Governor's Office for Economic Development.

The law is on our side

What is important, the law is equal and straightforward to both sides. In the European Union, there is a law that protects data. European Commission adopted the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. This framework protects anyone's fundamental rights in the EU, whose personal data is transferred to the United States and brings legal clarity for businesses relying on transatlantic data transfers.

Worth to consider because… 

If you put a "polish IT company" in Google researcher, you will see an endless list of businesses settled in Poland. That is because polish experts are high-qualified and easy-going. There are special rakings that show how many and how good are software companies from eastern Europe.

In 2016 Poland was 3rd place, since then nothing changed.


Experience. Polish developers and programmists worked with projects for bigger and smaller companies from the US, created apps based on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Serverless, and more. They are using their knowledge about, for example, Django, Angular, Serverless, building sensors, and IoT devices.

Polish companies have a wide range of competencies supported by experience to provide advice, consulting, architecture, and quality implementation. 

The time difference can be a significant advantage. If an American company orders something at the end of the day, specialists in Europe will work on it at night. The problem will be solved on the morning of the next day because work lasts 24 hours a day. 

Cultural proximity. We do not differ culturally from each other. We work in a similar system; we share common values, making it easier for us to contact each other. 

If you wonder if offshoring is worth considering, the answer is simple - do it.