Embedded systems - design and create them with us

There’s a growing market demand for autonomous, intelligent devices and embedded systems are nowadays used in all kinds of industries.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that in EMBIQ we’re almost constantly working on such systems and we’re also looking for software developers who would like to join us in these projects.


On commission of our Clients, we create various software solutions - from web and server applications to mobile apps for different platforms. Among our tasks there are also some projects that focus on designing embedded systems and firmware. Thus, we always look forward to receiving job applications from software developers who can handle such tasks.

Currently, we’re interested especially in enforcing our team with people that specialise in C programming language. We also seek developers with knowledge of such frameworks as Unity and Qt. We acknowledge university degrees, however, some commercial experience in software development is required as well. In our team there’s also place for senior developers, particularly for engineers skilled in low-level programming.

Vacancies and requirements

If you have the necessary skills and knowledge, please check our current job offers:

Senior C Developer/Embedded/Firmware
C Developer/Embedded/Firmware
Qt/C++ Developer

Apply by sending your CV to → join_us@embiq.com. Please remember to include the personal information protection clause.

Other job offers at EMBIQ

We are also looking for new employees for our server development team. You can find out more about these jobs and our requirements from the previous blog post.