Mid-level DevOps Engineer
Mobile technologies, complex building of internet services, server apps and hardware construction - these are the key areas of what we do. We enjoy taking up challenges, so we continuously explore new technologies and tools. As a member of our software development team, you will have a chance to co-create IoT solutions, smart city products and to participate in projects concerning blockchain technology. Apply and grow with us!
 6 000 PLN - 10 000 PLN gross (contract)
 or 7 300 PLN - 12 000 PLN (B2B)
In this position you will
develop complex solutions for Polish and foreign customers;
support developers in automating repetitive tasks;
work on monitoring existing applications;
unify CI / CD processes for existing projects.
We require
at least 2 years of commercial experience as a DevOps engineer or in a similar position;
high skills in English;
good knowledge of the version control system - git;
good knowledge of Linux systems and (optionally) windows on the admin level;
basic network knowledge (DHCP, DNS, NFS, CIFS);
good knowledge of docker and (optionally) docker-compose;
very good knowledge of Jenkins;
good knowledge of bash;
knowledge of AWS Cloud services (EC2, VPC, IAM) or ability to quickly switch from other cloud platforms (Azure, Google);
good organization of own work, ability to work in a group.
Also appreciated
knowledge of the hypervisor administration (proxmox, vmware, xen) along with ZFS/LVM file systems;
experience in server administration for the version control system (Github, Gitlab, Gitea, Bitbucket);
good knowledge of python;
knowledge of any IaC tool (for example Ansible, Terraform, Cloudformation);
knowledge of one of the proxy servers (nginx, haproxy, traefik etc.).
We're waiting for your resume!

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