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Software and Hardware Development for IoT company

The solution for monitoring, management and activation of IoT devices was created. The project consists of a set of 11 prototypes for IoT Baseplate company.

Technologies used

Angular, PrimeNG, Open Street Maps


Arduino, 3D Printer


Project members


Project length

IoT Development


Smart City


Challenge image

The challenge

The collaboration aimed to develop a first demonstrator exhibited at the international World Congress in Hamburg. With this MVP the integration of an AI-based camera, a LED for visualization and the self-monitoring of the baseplate was shown. With these functions, the feasibility of roadworks digitization, environment and traffic analysis utilizing and retrofitting the standardized K1 Baseplate could be demonstrated. Prototypes consist of: - plastic housing (3d printing, designed and made by IoT constructor) - module (6 Li-Ion batteries) - electronics(Arduino mkr nb 1500, GPS, sensor) Used In project: GPS - module(overlay/shield) from Arduino. It provides information about the location of the mark. The accuracy of the measurement is an area with a radius of 5-10m. Sensor (LSM6DSO) - a circuit that provides information about the device's state, and checks if the sign was turned, pushed or knocked over.

I worked with Arduino - a microprocessor pre-equipped with NB-IoT/LTE cat-m communication module. The chip collected information from the GPS, sensor and measured the charge level of the battery pack, and the collected data was sent to the backend.

Mateusz, IoT Engineer
Mateusz, IoT Engineer
Challenge image

The result

IoT Baseplate is an Austrian tech start-up. The IoT module system we developed based on the proven K1 baseplate is internationally unique, protected by two patents and a multiple award winner. This makes the company the worldwide pioneer for portable IoT module systems perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure in road traffic. For IoT Baseplate a young company with limited resources, optimal efficiency is very important. EMBIQ managed this development process optimally, kept us as IoT Baseplate informed and reported on the status where necessary with minimal administrative effort.

    The first step was to create mockups that the client approved. UI based on Angular, PrimeNG and Open Street Maps was created. As a result, a solution for monitoring, management and activation of IoT devices was created.

    Flavio, Project Manager
    Flavio, Project Manager

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