Software, Hardware & Firmware Development Services

The spectrum of our competences includes developing software for IT systems, server software, applications for mobile devices, software for dedicated systems and workstations, as well as libraries, modules, UI and software development components.

What is development?

The core is a system that provides functions such as operating systems, disk management and other operational tasks. Programming software gives programmers tools for work as debuggers, linkers, text editors, and more.

Radio-based communication and networks for the Internet of Things (IoT), such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)/Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee.

We are building software solutions

Our specialists work with programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP and more. We are experienced with embedded software that is used to control machines and devices not typically considered computers — telecommunications networks, cars, industrial robots and more. Devices can be connected as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). We build application software that will be the best solution for your smartphone.

Hardware development. From idea to production

We start with a concept. We need to make sure that the product we have in mind will actually offer a potential solution. We care about design. The designers try to meet the client’s expectations and connect the vision with functionality. Engineering and prototyping are very important steps, so our specialists put emphasis on this stage. At least, production.

Firmware development. We need to program what we created

The device should have some special purpose. Our job is to make it works as the project assumes. Why this process is important? Some of the build devices will help to collect data. This whole logic is responsible for the program and each application is different, this logic makes the device that is controlled from the outside. There is always something somewhere that needs to be adjusted, configured, parameters selected. It works on a lower level than the operating system that is why it is a necessary step in building the whole project.

Creating, designing, deploying and supporting

The whole development process is based on technical and functional/visual documentation and an effective methodology of product management. The source code is stored in decentralised version control systems and continuously monitored for compliance with standards and regularities of applied procedures. Thefinal product is transferred to the client together with copyrights, codes and detailed documentation. EMBIQ also ensures the building instruction and the description of implementation procedures.

Case studies

We are a company providing professional services in the field of custom software development. Our specialization is creating tools for business, especially those involving locations, positioning, asset tracking, management, or innovative solutions for agriculture and more. Every project is based on the very best and the latest technologies and tools.

  • Footfall analytics in transportation

    Signals emitted by smartphones powered by Android or Apple iOS are being evaluated when connected to WiFi as well as Bluetooth. It gathers data of passenger traffic density between given areas including date, time, days of the week and bus lines, and how a specific bus line is crowded in particular areas.

  • Platform for management

    There is a possibility of connecting with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Azure with AWS platform. qChange’s Behavior360™ Platform powers the Leader Experience Suite of products by using its proprietary nudge cycle, and Microsoft Teams, to ensure leaders’ growth. This project assists leaders by delving into their roles.

  • Mobile app for influencers

    indaHash is a social media community platform which allows brands and online content creators to manage their marketing strategies. indaHash uses automated services which help to distribute a brand or content according to gender, age, location, interests and hashtags.

  • Management in agro-industries

    Spark Control is an indoor positioning system for large areas. UWB solution made it work with a precision ranging from 5-10 cm.

  • Finance capital platform

    The platform designed to manage all savings and allowing to trade them for tokens on only one platform, which works in favor of the cryptocurrency world and the real estate market.

  • Mobile app for influencers

    Transcribe is a platform to make transcribers’ work easier. All that was possible with the use of ASR solutions.

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