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How we work?

We start with small steps that can further expand into a long-term cooperation. We only need your idea for the project, we will get the rest during the Design Phase.

Development flow

Weekly sprints


Development Flow


The idea is submitted in order to start the implementation process. To do so, the process of abstraction is beginning. It includes dividing functional issues in simple steps.

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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study stage outlines functional requirements and verifies their fulfillment with selected technologies on to practical level.


The concept of implementation is complete, we have our goals set. At this stage every party knows what is pursued. Still, making changes in requirements, expectations and technologies are inexpensive.

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The implementation process has started. The development is the most unsurprising, since everything is planned. It goes smoothly in a one-week-sprint.

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The project implementation and the first users are just the beginning of this step. Our assistance shows through listening to the users, coming to conclusions, taking the initiative and consistently making improvements in the project.


Is the implementation of the project. We advocate the idea of Continuous Deployment and the project deployment is an ongoing process typically starting during the first sprint.

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Agile Approach & Weekly Sprints

Tasks usually originate during the SCRUM cycle. Working in one-week-long sprints allows us to work closely with the Customer.

Each sprint starts with a detailed planning session and that allows the Customer to express their deepest desires and ask thorough questions.

After the sprint planning there comes the implementation process. Sprints end with a dual demo session with a detailed session for the developing team and a shortened one for the Product Owner.

We highly value transparency in collaboration.This is why our customers have full insight into all project details through its duration.

Also, we conduct efficiency measurements and make improvements along with the wish-list for the following sprint.

The retrospective session gives time to find means and methods to detect possibly existing errors and find a way of fixing them. It is expected to collect feedback input specifically at this stage of sprint. Now it is the Project Owner who establishes the detailed tasks during the planning session.

Every project has a Project Manager assigned to provide a single point of contact to ensure smooth coordination, however, there is a possibility of contacting any team member available.

Transparent and direct communication

Talk directly to a dedicated Project Manager or other team members. We value transparency. You can have contant access to timesheets and all project activities.

Open to Face-to-Face meetings

You are always welcome to visit us in offices in Lublin, Graz, or wherever you like.


Free consultancy services

We advise and bring alternatives to every idea.

Onsite or Online Workshops

Product workshops are greatly appreciated especially during the Design Phase when we meet with the Client to build software architecture, create mock-ups, and prepare a precise effort estimation.

Quote a project! Get advice.

Let’s inve

Let’s investigate your project concept and its current status together.

Expect an

Expect an initial project scope proposal, time and cost estimation from us.

The consul

The consultancy will be protected by the NDA.