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UX/UI Design

Design. From concept to the final product.

From concept to the final product.

The foundations for successful development are already laid in a software architecture design. Together with your vision, we can create the perfect solution.

By choosing us, you may be sure that you will be provided with the best system design services created by the team of experienced designers. Our offer includes drawing up functional documentation as well as developing conceptual schemas and mockups.

How does it work?

  • Research

    The base of this stage is a talk with the client. What is the project's theme, what should be exposed, what is the primary goal of this project? And the most important - what will be the effect.

  • Concept

    We build the documentation. First, we are going to define the problem. We could do this by answering questions like the company's goal or who will use it?

  • Digital prototyping

    An early sample of our work. It could save our time, this is the stage we can for the first time see a future product and at the same time put some changes.

  • Final Product

    The closing stage of design services. You get UI design files and all the documentation connected with user experience.

Finance capital platform

The platform designed to manage all savings and allowing to trade them for tokens on only one platform, which works in favor of the cryptocurrency world and the real estate market.

See full case study
FCQ case study

We managed to deliver a safe and intuitive platform, not to forget innovative. The user pays with USDT and buys shares in real estate in exchange for tokens.All transactions are based on blockchain(distributed information system).

Michał, UX/UI Designer
Michał, UX/UI Designer

Apps for controllers and residents

We built two multifunctional mobile applications - designed for quality controllers and for residents. The former one displays information not only about the quality but also the quantity of materials.

The latter one presents the waste sorting results together with the statistics. It also has educational functionalities like materials search.

We work with:

Adobe Xd


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