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We are a software development company. Our calling is to provide professional full-stack IT services. Our specialization is providing implementations for businesses operating with locations, positioning and asset tracking.

Moreover, there is no better company when a combination of different technologies is required or they necessitate an extension or a modification. EMBIQ’s specialty is to deliver full-stack services.


Our mission is to produce custom software based on the newest technologies and expert knowledge. An integrated and cooperating community is our key to success.


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Company's values

One of the undeniable differentiators of EMBIQ is the big autonomy of our employees and their very strong participation in key decisions. We have taken advantage of this strength and decided to involve the entire community in identifying the company values and mission of the organization.

  • Community

    "Very good collaboration with different companies to achieve compliance."

    "A community with common goals."

    "A good atmosphere in the workplace, good relations between members of the different teams, joint activities not only related to work."

  • Quality

    "We focus on the quality of the software we create, not only in the technical aspect, but also for end users."

    "Conscientious work to deliver the highest quality products possible."

    "First and foremost, the quality of the service provided to customers, but also the way EMBIQ employees are treated"

  • Progress

    "The use of new technologies, continuously improving the existing technologies and processes operating internally."

    "The development of the company as a whole and the development of the skills of each employee individually."

    "Ample opportunity and autonomy to take direction, training and general knowledge sharing"


If you want to know more about what values are the most precious for our customers, check out the reviews published on Clutch's profile.

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