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System integrations

The topic is vast, and one of the most accessible integration processes is that of open source software. Solutions containing a particular interface - API - are also relatively programmer-friendly. However, nothing stands in the way of performing programming services in other conditions. The vast majority of systems can be integrated with other units.

Integration of external tools

This solution lets for connection between ready-made applications with an external system. It is necessary when the application wants to log into using Facebook, Instagram, and some ready-made account to use the authorization of an external service. This tool so you can use it as the customer wants. This also applies to payment services, data feeds, control systems, etc.

Transcription and annotation platform

Transcribe is a platform to make transcribers' work easier. All that was possible with the use of ASR solutions.

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System integrations

External integration

External integration

Integration between an external device using a hub based on some RapberryPi, Arduino or another microcontroller to the network. We can connect an intelligent sensor (such as a water filter, proximity, humidity sensor, etc.), to the internet, indicators or build testing tools that will connect via digital interfaces and perform tests.

Internal integration

Internal integration

If you have different systems, or if you have a provider, or if you produce something, e.g. for intelligent waste collection, then the system integrates internally and you need interfaces. We can create such interfaces and connect them or combine them with existing ones. Sensors, devices, local devices, and global integration to most data acquisition systems. Integration for testing. Devices that do not have an output to the Internet.


Integrations between API and sensors are crucial for most IoT solutions. Types of sensors for integrations:

Temperature Sensor

Proximity Sensors

InfraredSensor (IR Sensor)

Ultrasonic Sensor

Light Sensor

Touch Sensor

Color Sensor

Humidity Sensor

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