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Fixed-price trial

This cooperation model is unique - only for the beginning of the first trial of a small project with a new client. With a specific budget, you can expect certain results.

Is the fixed-price trial for me?

This model will be accurate when you want to check how EMBIQ works. If you want us to prepare something for you as part of this trial, some small piece of the project, we can enter it for a trial. For example, we can do small work - such as mockups. It is up to you.

What kind of competencies are you looking for?

Contact me to discuss your requirements and build your dedicated IT team together with us.


business development specialist

How do you calculate a fixed-price trial?

The fixed price model is only a trial version. Time and costs of work depend on the client's budget. All the work is planned in the beginning - every step and particular result.

Quote a project! Get advice.

Let’s inve

Let’s investigate your project concept and its current status together.

Expect an

Expect an initial project scope proposal, time and cost estimation from us.

The consul

The consultancy will be protected by the NDA.