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Time & material

This model assigns a project manager to the project, but the actual team is selected according to current demand. This also means that the team is variable in different phases of the project; for example, in the beginning, it is more of a Design & Architecture team; later developers, DevOps, engineers, and testers join in. In this model, we only bill for actual project work, measured in a matter of time commitment at a fixed hourly rate.

Is time & material for me?

The Time and Material model is a fantastic option if you want to build an optimal team with a wide range of capabilities. Also, If you have an idea or plan for your project but are missing the team, Time & Material will suit you. The project Manager will lead the whole project and engage the best team configuration.

The significant advantage of this model is the fact that the team is built only with the professionals, who are needed at the moment. Depending on demand, specialists in the project change from stage to stage.

How we work?

We start with small steps that can further expand into a long-term cooperation. We only need your idea for the project, we will get the rest during the Design Phase.

Development flow

Weekly sprints


How do you calculate time & material?

Time & Materials model is billed in spent time. The customer covers the cost of time and material. Every time client accepts both - the time we intend to spend on his project and the purchases to be made, some sub-assemblies, sensors, PCB boards, this is the cost of materials.

What kind of competencies are you looking for?

Contact me to discuss your requirements and build your dedicated IT team together with us.


business development specialist

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Let’s inve

Let’s investigate your project concept and its current status together.

Expect an

Expect an initial project scope proposal, time and cost estimation from us.

The consul

The consultancy will be protected by the NDA.