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Recruitment process

HR Interview
Let’s meet with our HR department to talk a little about your experience and who you are as a person.
Meet the Leader
It’s an opportunity to meet your potential Leader! They will ask you about Your work preferences and professional experience.
Skills Verification
You will receive a task to do at home by e-mail or we will invite you for a few hours to our office for resolving the task.
Offer and Decision
Once these steps are taken, we will... and you will make a decision about joining #EMBIQFAMILY!
We will introduce you in 3 areas:
  • documentation and accesses
  • job and projects
  • company culture and employee journey

What we offer?

Our core values

Learning and growth
Never stop learning and take up new challenges. Lessons could come from success or failure as well and we are open for that
Team Spirit
We are building the CS Rocket Team together. Everyone in our team has an equal role in this process. We ask for help and share our opinions
Trust and openess
We trust each other and are willing to take the initiative. We are open to change and respect all opinions and views
Diversity and inclusion
Our team is open for everyone who shares our values. Diversity makes our team even better
Work-life balance
We know how important it is to relax and clear your mind, no one will bother you after work
We share what we know. We take pride in opportunities to share our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions


What should I put in my CV to attract attention?

In your CV you should refer to the advertisement for which you are applying. Pay attention to the information contained in our offer and try to refer in it to the profile of the candidate we are looking for. Refer not only to the technology, but also to the projects and tasks where you managed to use it.

What clausule should i put in my CV?

Before sending your CV, please include our clause that will allow us to continue the recruitment process:

"We consent to the processing of our personal data by EMBIQ Sp. z oo seated at Gęsia 5, 20-719 Lublin for the purpose and date of recruitment transactions. Providing the data is a date. We would like to inform that the Administrator of the data is EMBIQ Sp. z oo We would also like to inform that each person entitled to their data together with the access consent to access".

Can I send my CV to you even though there is no offer for a specific position?

Of course! If you are looking for new challenges, but you don't see a job offer in your area, check if we have any projects in your area (click to go to our Case Studies). If you only think that our project areas and technology stack is something you find yourself in, feel free to email us:

What level of English will allow me to work with you?

Due to the large number of projects abroad, communication in English is important to us. It is nice if you speak this language at least at a level. B2/+, both in speech and writing.

Is it possible to work with you on a part-time basis?

Yes, all issues concerning cooperation are agreed with our HR team during the recruitment interview. We value honesty and open communication from the very beginning of cooperation, because only thanks to full information we will be able to prepare a job offer tailored to your needs.

On what basis are the financial conditions determined?

Financial matters are always transparent! In the organization, we use a Salary Grid that is available to the entire EMBIQ community. The salary scales are updated once a year based on the labor market analysis and salary reports. However, they are not rigid, the technical interview verifies the skills you have and the quality of the recruitment task performed, which determines the offer we make.

Does EMBIQ allow for flexible work schedules?

Not only does it allow it, it prefers it! The hybrid work culture is developed practically to perfection at our company. You can establish any availability preferences with your supervisor and communicate them to the team you work in. Of course, it all depends on the tasks and time zone, but we choose the projects so that the employee can fit in the statutory working time

Do you offer additional medical insurance?

Yes, medical insurance and sports package issues are discussed in our office. Conditions of joining the programs are presented during the recruitment process and are available at any time on the company's public disk.

Is external training subsidized?

At EMBIQ we maintain a training budget for each employee. You can use it at any time, after presenting the courses/training etc. to your supervisor. If your budget needs to be increased, simply request it :)

Do you offer language courses in your company?

Yes, we cooperate with a language school that conducts classes for IT companies. Meetings with the teacher take place twice a week, 60 minutes each. EMBIQ covers the costs of the classes :)

Do you support non-work activities?

This is one of the most frequently mentioned benefits by our employees regarding our company. We support all kinds of activities, both sports and academic. We organize weekly crossfit and squash classes for our employees (free of charge, of course), during holidays we organize company events and yachts.

I have been invited to the second part of the interview, what can I expect?

The second interview is a technical conversation with the candidate and our CTO, accompanied by a person from the HR department who participated in the first stage of recruitment.

The interview will focus on:

  • projects in which you participated;
  • tools and technologies you used;
  • the team you worked for.

After a successful interview we will send you a recruitment task on which we will agree a deadline for its implementation and then we will give you feedback determining the presentation of the offer

How long does an interview last
  • HR Interview takes 30 to 45 minutes.
  • The technical Interview lasts from 25 to 35 minutes.
How long will I wait for feedback?

Feedback after the HR interview is a matter of 24 hours, while after the technical interview it depends on the time the candidate completes the task. After the task is completed, you have to wait for the Senior Team to check its quality; we try to keep the whole procedure to no more than 3 days.

Quote a project! Get advice.

Let’s inve

Let’s investigate your project concept and its current status together.

Expect an

Expect an initial project scope proposal, time and cost estimation from us.

The consul

The consultancy will be protected by the NDA.