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Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded Systems & Hardware Development


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of physical objects-"things" - equipped with sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems via the Internet.

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IoT protocols & standards



It is a paradigm similar to the traditional data center setup in which you are given machines and are in charge of maintaining them remotely. You supply your own licenses, software, and services to the servers in this approach, while the cloud provider is only responsible for the hardware, the network, storage and virtualization of your assigned machines.

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UltraWide Band is a short-range wireless communication protocol operating via radio waves. What is extraordinary about this solution, UWB could be extremely precise and accurate when it comes to data, at the same time requiring minimal power. We used UWB protocol for the indoor positioning system that we created for management in agro-industries.

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Long Range, low-power, wide area networking protocol. Wireless technology helps to secure data transmission for M2M and IoT applications. LoRa can be used to connect sensors, gateways, devices, but also people or animals. This protocol helps in the quick setup of public or private IoT networks anywhere using hardware and software. We used LoRaWAN protocol for smart parking sensors for SMARTFACTOR.

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We also work with:
A technology that uses a small microchip tag attached to an object to identify and collect data about it automatically. A built-in antenna on the RFID tag connects it to remote scanning equipment, which reads the data. The corporate application software that stores the data receives the data after it has been transferred from the scanning device. Each RFID tag has a specific identification number of its own.
A widely used but not publicly accessible satellite-based navigation system is called the Global Positioning System (GPS). At least 24 GPS satellites continuously orbit the Earth, each sending out a signal picked up by GPS devices and used to determine its precise location. The time it takes to receive the signal is how GPS calculates the distance.
A wireless network’s data transmission protocol. It performs similarly to Wi-Fi, it uses less power, has slower bit rates (up to 250 kbps), and has ranges of up to 100 meters. ZigBee uses two-way communication. Any device can transmit or receive a signal, and some can even forward it. Instant access is one of its benefits, which is why it is so frequently utilized in devices like motion sensors.

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Embedded Software Development.

We need to program what we created. The device should have some special purpose. Our job is to make it work as the project assumes. Why is this process important? Some of the built devices will help to collect data. This whole logic is responsible for the program and each application is different. The device is controlled from the outside. There is always something somewhere that needs to be adjusted, configured, and parameters selected. It works on a lower level than the operating system which is why it is a necessary step in building the whole project.

From idea to production.

We start with a concept. We need to make sure that the product we have in mind will actually offer a potential solution. We care about design. The designers try to meet the client’s expectations and connect the vision with functionality. Engineering and prototyping are very important steps, so our specialists put emphasis on this stage.


We do not forget about the hardware. We create PCB - Printed Circuit Board. It is a block of most modern electronic devices. It is a board with lines and pads connecting various points together. Our Embedded Engineers create PCB for particular IoT projects. One implementation that contains PCB is an active pedestrian crossing with an intelligent system with motion sensors for EUROASFALT.

Active pedestrian crossing

ZEBRA is an active pedestrian crossing which has a feature of informing a driver about pedestrians at crossings. APC Zebra is in sync with motion sensors, active road studs, road signs with warning lamps and an anti-skid system. Crossings are intended to protect the pedestrian when he or she is at or near the crossing. APC system does not run continuously but only activates when necessary.

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