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Testing and Quality Assurance

Engineering Services

QA and functional testing. Nothing surprises you.

We are treating this process as an integral part of software development. EMBIQ experts can assure the best knowledge and actions for your product.

Your product insurance

We aim to provide the highest quality of services through constant monitoring of the development process. Any irregularities found are registered in our issue tracking systems. You are provided with test reports so that you can keep track of our works at every stage of the project.

Why is QA this important?

It helps to meet the client’s demands and expectations. Thanks to QA, we can eliminate any problems that can occur at the early stage of building a project. After manual and automated tests, the client is getting the product ready to use with a guarantee.

Łukasz, QA Tech Lead
Łukasz, QA Tech Lead

How does it work?

Manual testing

This is the most fundamental testing process. Thanks to manual testing, you can find the software's visible and hidden defects and identify unexpected behavior or bug.

Our team of experts writes and plans test cases. Testers use test plans, test cases, or test scenarios to test software to ensure testing completeness.

Automation testing

There are specific tests via automation tools. It saves your time and makes Our QA team creates cases and runs cross-browser UI tests by simulating real user actions.

Software Quality Control

To be sure about the product, we provide a fully controlled process. It is a crucial action during the testing stage of development. SOC checks whether a software component or supporting artifact meets requirements. It includes reviews and testing levels.

A well-prepared product concept, functionality, architecture, and test cases are the foundation for quality assurance even before software development starts. Thanks to the ISTQB certificate I could systemize my knowledge at the level of processes and techniques.

Janis, QA
Janis, QA

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