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Location and asset tracking

A perfect customized combination that provides footfall analytics and remote asset trackers.

Custom Footfall Analytics

EMBIQ delivers solutions for footfall analytics based on customer ideas. The tool could be customized and used in the assessment of physical systems to measure the time needed to move from one point to another.

    Can be applied for:

  • Arrow rightTools against COVID-19

    every solution that measures people could be used for detection of the unusual crowd and dangerous zones

  • Arrow rightSafety

    airports, government buildings - places that could not be crowded

  • Arrow rightMarketing

    shops, markets

  • Arrow rightAnalysis

    count how many people attend in your events

  • Arrow rightBusiness development

    predict how your business will grow thanks to custom analysis

How to measure people:

Laser Beams Footfall Analitycs

a beam across the store’s door counts each time the customers when they cross the threshold.

WiFi Footfall Analytics

measure your unique and repeat visitors and track customers as they move around the store. Record the crowd volume who walk past your store without entering and your bounce rate.

Bluetooth Footfall Analytics

the technology based on beacons. Smartphone apps can receive beacon signals and interpret them, expanding the user’s context.

GPS Mobile Location Analytics

geolocation uses mobile devices built-in GPS to accurately show where the device, and the user of the device, are located.

Camera-Based Footfall Analytics

thanks to 3D imaging, modern facial cameras can not only count the visitors to your store but also determine other metrics such as gender and age.

Thermal Imaging Sensors

the technology measures foot traffic by picking up the heat signatures of people as they enter or exit a particular area.

BTS tracking

radio environment activity.

And others

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Footfall analytics in transportation

The created platform uses tools such as DSDi Mobile, DSDi Manager and DSDi User to assist installation professionals and help them stay in control over service works.

See full case study

Custom Asset Tracking

EMBIQ delivers innovative solutions for various options for tracking. Integrated with sensors lets for remote monitoring of assets and limiting staff.

Most common technologies:








Can be applied for:
  • Arrow rightpositioning systems for tracking your products
  • Arrow rightsupply chain tracker in transportation
  • Arrow rightindoor asset tracking
  • Arrow rightoutdoor asset tracking

Management in agro-industries

Spark Control is an indoor positioning system for large areas. UWB solution made it work with a precision ranging from 5-10 cm.

See full case study

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