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Staff Augmentation

Our specialists can help with your projects by working as part of your team. It is an outsourcing model that lets you augment your existing team with external developers. Your in-house development team collaborates with the developers provided by your IT staff augmentation partner, onsite, as an additional remote development team, or in a hybrid setting. We work in a particular tech stack but have a network of trusted partners for other technologies.

Is Staff Augmentation for me?

Staff Augmentation services are excellent for bridging some of your internal development team's skill gaps. Thanks to this model you can bring your team new competencies and experience. When you are looking for a senior developer who would lead your team or you are missing particular technology skills - Staff Augmentation could be the fastest option to increase your project.

What kind of competencies are you looking for?

Contact me to discuss your requirements and build your dedicated IT team together with us.


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How do you calculate Staff Augmentation?

In this model, we can determine two methods of accounting. The first is the full-time rate, typically the best option for a long-term project. The second method is spent time, preferred for short-term projects.

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Let’s inve

Let’s investigate your project concept and its current status together.

Expect an

Expect an initial project scope proposal, time and cost estimation from us.

The consul

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