Easy way to estimate your project

We want to share with you a useful tool created by our partner. Easly you can find our profile on Ioterra platform and use our knowledge to estimate your project. We are using many tools promoted by our partner. They seem to be easy-to-use and finally, save our time. If you hesitate, our partner is helping every company to make the right decision. 

How to predict the costs of your project?

The IoT Project Cost Estimator assesses three core areas of your IoT hardware project - electronics development, mechanical development, and firmware development. If your IoT initiative doesn’t have all of these elements, you can skip the irrelevant sections. Each section has approximately five multiple-choice questions. Some of the questions may be challenging but answer them questions as best you can to receive the most accurate answer. You can answer “not sure” on most questions, but this will widen the range of your estimate (e.g. increase the gap between your low-side and high-side estimates).

How to use Ioterra’s IoT calculator? It is simple. You can visit their site and step by step write use the calculator to estimate the cost and timeline for building an IoT product. 

Request for proposal tool - easy way to find the right partner for your project. 

Product managers mitigate this risk by using the Ioterra RFP tool to find external firms with the right capabilities and expertise to deliver.


Three steps on how to fully use RFP tool. 

  1. Submit a RFP. Upload the document by Ioterra portal. Set which firms should receive your RFP. You can use a special tool that helps you find relevant firms for your project. Upload an MNDA with your RFP and set the deadline for responses. 

  2. Use the Ioterra portal to have all the communication in one place. 

  3. Compare all proposals on an apples-to-apples basis - price, timeline, service provided and firm’s relevant experience.

HERE you find more specific instructions. 

Get Rapid Answers to Critical Questions from Development Experts

Ioterra is a network of product development experts. There are thousands of experts across hundreds of best-in-class product development firms in Ioterra network, including EMBIQ. These experts respond to your Insight Requests because they want to impress you and have an opportunity to win your future business. 

Do not hesitate to ask. 


Using these tools is free and provides direct intro’s to professional product development firms. Try them out. They take only 5 minutes to complete.


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