EMBIQ joins Ioterra: The Marketplace for IoT Services and Platforms

We are happy to report we have started a partnership with the Ioterra team, the first-of-its-kind, online community of professionals dedicated to collaborating and knowledge-sharing to bring innovative IoT products to market.

How did it happen? A few months ago EMBIQ had won a Polish-American competition called NLab organized by Lublin Voivodship. There were 30 participants but only 10 of them benefited the program and went to the USA. And EMBIQ made it! The competition was a part of the entrepreneurial acceleration program "NLAB - Nevada - Lubelskie Acceleration Bridge" under the Economic Marketing project of the Lublin Voivodship. The innovative program is realized in cooperation with Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. As a winner, EMBIQ’s team went to Nevada State for special workshops. The trip was a great opportunity to find new business partners and develop our business in the American market. We met many inspirational people, and this is how the story begins. 

Ioterra and EMBIQ together will:


As a certified service partner, EMIBQ looks forward to continuing to expand for new projects and start new inspirational projects by leveraging Ioterra’s network.

About Ioterra
Ioterra is an online, business marketplace enabling companies to build a smarter, more connected world. Ioterra aims to be the go-to, online resource for entrepreneurs innovating with smart technology and companies looking to digitally transform their industries. Businesses can browse Ioterra to find resources, platforms, and expert service providers capable of accelerating their IoT initiative. Learn more at www.ioterra.com