Herd immunity in open space. Worklife during COVID-19.

Altogether -  we are taking part in extraordinary times. For months we were observing how the world is changing. At first, everyone thought that the pandemic situation would be destructive for a business. But now, workday seemed to be as usual as always. Maybe it is a specificity of IT company, or perhaps our workspace is in excellent condition from the very beginning. 


Safety first

The most important thing is to organize a safe workspace. Everyone remembers social distancing and for what cause it is so important. In EMBIQ, employees can work in the office or directly from home. For those who decided to come back after lockdown to the office, the HR department prepared the workplace following WHO recommendations. Everyone who is coming to the office obligatory has to check their temperature and use an antibacterial gel. Employees have owned special liquids for disinfection and masks. There is also a rule that if an employee feels ill or someone of their family is sick, they stay at home and work remotely.