How to provide the IT solutions?

Is it possible to keep your work balance in these crazy times? Of course, it is, especially in IT companies, where we have our rules, habits, and ideas! We have divided our work into a few categories, thanks to these solutions our clients know, what to expect. Variety of our team let the specialists to work with many projects,

We are building software solutions. 

Our specialists work with programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP and more. We are experienced with embedded software that is used to control machines and devices not typically considered computers — telecommunications networks, cars, industrial robots and more. Devices can be connected as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). We build application software that will be the best solution for your smartphone.

Hardware development. From idea to production. 

We start with a concept. We need to make sure that the product we have in mind will actually offer a potential solution. We care about design. The designers try to meet the client’s expectations and connect the vision with functionality. Engineering and prototyping are very important steps, so our specialists put emphasis on this stage.

Firmware development. We need to program what we created. 

The device should have some special purpose. Our job is to make it works as the project assumes. Why this process is important? Some of the build devices will help to collect data. This whole logic is responsible for the program and each application is different, this logic makes the device that is controlled from the outside. There is always something somewhere that needs to be adjusted, configured, parameters selected. It works on a lower level than the operating system that is why it is a necessary step in building the whole project.

Design. From concept to the final product. 

We build the concepts together with the client. We are connecting the vision with experience. We make documentations which are a solid base for developing robust software. Based on conceptual schemes, we build a demo. EMBIQ graphic designers prepare visualisations and graphic projects.

  1. Research. The base of this stage is a talk with the client. What is the project's theme, what should be exposed, what is the primary goal of this project? And the most important - what will be the effect.

  2. Concept. We build the documentation. First, we are going to define the problem. We could do this by answering questions like the company's goal or who will use it? 

  3. Digital prototyping. An early sample of our work. It could save our time, this is the stage we can for the first time see a future product and at the same time put some changes. 

  4. Final Product. The closing stage of design services. You get UI design files and all the documentation connected with user experience. 

QA and functional testing. Nothing surprises you. 

The test procedures applied in our company are fully automatic. Moreover, EMBIQ offers you drawing up applicable documentation and carrying out functional tests. We provide manual software testing and automated tests.

Research and Development. Innovation, Quality and Technology.

We care about future sustainability. R&D helps us to create new and innovative products or just add new features to old ones. 

Proof of concept. We care about this process because it is a quick way to tase some basics which helps us in the future process. We are finding solutions to every technical problem. PoC is really valuable because it tests the project before work on an actual project. 

Prototyping and consulting. We provide software consulting solutions on every step of the project. Thanks to our talented team of experts, we help to choose the technology and find appropriate software and hardware components. Furthermore, EMBIQ assures you a complex post-deployment, server administration and continuous monitoring of services for their smooth functionality.