Join us next week at a conference on photonics technology

Tomasz Niedziałek, the CEO of EMBIQ, and PhD. Eng. Wojciech Surtel, the company’s CSO, are taking part in an experts’ discussion organised next Monday at the Lublin Conference Center.


The panel is held as a part of an event dedicated to photonics and the impact of this technology on our region’s economy. The conference is organised by the Marshall Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship and it takes place on February 12th. Experts are going to discuss how photonics influences different areas of life and business.

The panel discussion, our representatives are participating in, is due to start at 12.30 a.m. The full agenda of the meeting is available here.

EMBIQ and photonics

Our company conducts an R&D project entitled “Sensor Platform to be applied in the Internet of Things”, in which photonics technology plays a vital role. Namely, our research team develops Fiber Bragg Grating sensors, which can measure many different parameters and have a wide range of applications (find out more). The project received over 1 million PLN subsidy from the European Union.