Meet Spark Control

A new era of a wireless network is here. This time we want to share with you a project that is based on ultra-wideband technology. Why UWB  is so important for Spark Control? It works with 10cm precision, while other narrowband radio systems can only reach the accuracy of several meters. And this factor makes this project the best option when precision is most important for your business. 

Innovation in agriculture

Spark Control and EMBIQ developed an indoor positioning system for large areas. We started with a greenhouse and tested our system there, but ultimately we want to reach all sectors. For today we are modifying the solution to make it scalable to all sectors of the economy - different companies. The measurement is based on UWB technology, which makes the results very accurate. The system has an autonomous solar power supply and a wireless long-range connection so we do not need any additional infrastructure. An extensive panel allows the user to create long-term plans with prioritization, consisting of individual tasks assigned to a particular employee. The system of sensors allows you to monitor in real-time the progress and location of employees. Thanks to daily sensor readings we can generate a performance report for each facility, employee, plans and periods.

Shortly speaking, the system enables you:

- monitoring employee performance for individual tasks
- daily checking of employee presence through sensor readings
- story of comments to an employee from his superiors
- the ability to assign users to groups and assign superiors to them (this facilitates the management of larger numbers of employees who have similar roles in the facility)
- creating objects together with cultivated plants in the system, including collections for individual plants
- generating performance reports for individual facilities, employees, plans and periods

If you have any questions about this solution or need a similar project please do not hesitate and ask us for a free consultation.