Regional Creative Industries Alliance. We are participating!

Nine partners from nine European countries are taking part in the Regional Creative Industries Alliance - a project that is meant to strengthen and support creative SME’s. Our city is one of those partners. Therefore our company, EMBIQ, decided to take the opportunity to participate in this project.


Creative Industry - what it actually is

John Howkins, author of book “The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas”, points that the largest sectors of the creative industry are art, culture, design, entertainment, media and innovation. The forces that shape them are imagination and ingenuity.1 In other words, this industry makes money from ideas.

For some people, this might not sound very convincing. However, in the European Union the cultural and creative sectors already account up to 4,5% GDP, and Europe is the world leader in export of the creative industry products. This explains the necessity to invest in this sector and to ensure its value in the future.2

More competitive, more appreciated

The RCIA project focuses on helping the SME’s from the creative sector. By exchanging good practices, increasing the awareness of the power of this sector and by other actions, the project’s participants will attempt to establish a better environment for this kind of business.

In our company, we regard creativity as the key to both technological and economical development. We also believe that cooperation and partnership lead to success. This is why we are looking forward to the actions that will be undertaken due to the RCIA implementation.