We are creating Polish payment platform!

Our company takes part in an innovative project of FACS foundation. We are working on the components of Polish system of authorisation and non-cash transactions. Soon, it will be available inter alia for traditional outlets and online shops.

The project has been launched by FACS (The Foundation for Advanced Computer Studies) and it is cofinanced by The European Union. The aim of the project is to create a payment platform dedicated to small and medium companies (such as shops, service providers), sole traders, mobile sales representatives, as well as to public administration institutions (used to collect fees outside headquarters of institutions).

Innovative solutions

One of the devices created within the project will be a mobile payment terminal mPos. It will be the first Polish device of such type. It will be used not only for ordinary payment by card, but also contactless payment.

The modernity of the platform is based mostly on Bluetooth technology. Thanks to Bluetooth, the terminal will connect to tablets with an appropriate application installed on them. This way, sellers will gain a new tool essential for their work - a device with a touchscreen and easy-to-use, graphic menu. The payment terminal may also use a printer. Confirmations of bank transfers will be available not only in electronic form, but also on paper.

EMBIQ's part in the project

In EMBIQ we are presently working on the above mentioned application dedicated to sellers. We create the device, which will make customer service and transaction recording a lot easier. The users will have the possibility to adjust the menu of the application, as well as the list of products within it to their own needs. This means that they will be able to find certain products easily and quickly, contributing in this way to the effectiveness of sales management.

Moreover, our company is working on secure communication protocols for the project. This means that we assure safety of every transaction which takes place via the application.

The system will soon have its premiere. It will be competitive to other platforms thanks to its innovative aspects and attractive price.


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