We are running and helping

We took part in Poland Business Run. This is a great venue that is not only healthy for us but could be helpful for those who need it. 

Running for a great cause

Poland Business Run is an event which is popular in 10 polish cities. We represented IT business from our hometown, Lublin. Every year companies from a particular city are creating 5 person groups who run in a 4km relay race. Everything for helping people who are physically disabled. The Poland Business Run Foundation is also popularising knowledge about physical illnesses and tries to change negative thinking about it.

The IT team also could help!  

This year, because of a pandemic situation, the event was changed. Every group was running separately in a particular place. Every person of EMBIQ representation could run whenever they liked with some running app to check their distance and time. There was only one restriction - it had to be 4km distance. 

See below how our team was exercising before and how they looked after the run.