July 15, 2015

How to manage a fleet? The best way is a smartphone app!

Managing your company’s car fleet movement becomes easier when you apply appropriate technology. The best solution is TiMS Safe and Save system with its smartphone app, created by us on commission of our Client.

Most companies find fleet management very expensive. However, it appears that it is possible to save great amounts of money on fuel and servicing, if only business cars are used in a reasonable way.

This is what TiMS Safe and Save system (T-matic Management System) is for. The device is offered by one of our Clients, T-matic Systems S.A. Its users receive up-to-date information about their car fleet: the mileage of cars, the directions in which they head at a specific moment, their velocity, driver, fuel consumption, etc.

The system offers wide variety of analytic devices, which can be used in a very simple way - via Internet website or smartphone app - regardless of where we are in a give moment.

TiMS Safe and Save Mobile application was created by Embiq. Thanks to the application, the users of the system have simple access to such data as: the present localisation of the vehicles, their parametres, such as velocity, fuel level or car battery level and the routes chosen by the drivers.






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