July 29, 2020

IoT development connected us! Lubelskie Voivodeship is writing about us

They are writing about us! At the beginning of this year, we went to the United States with the help of Lublin’s Marshal Office. We were 1 of 10 companies which took part in contest NLab Nevada-Lublin Acceleration Bridge, directed to businessmen from the Lublin Voivodeship. During our stay, we have met many inspiring people. So we shared our story!

Find below a short version of the article published by the Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Voivodeship:

Businessmen from Lublin are making their “American dream” come true.  

So far, the Lubelskie Voivodeship has organized two editions of the aforementioned program. Each of them gave the opportunity to ten businessmen to present and promote their business activity in front of potential investors on the American market. 

Lubelskie Voivodeship, together with the State of Nevada for several years has been effectively implementing activities aimed at improving partnership, but primarily economic partnership. The first transatlantic initiative implemented at the regional level is the NLAB program - Nevada-Lublin Acceleration Bridge, directed to businessmen from the Lublin Vovoideship. 

The Office of the Governor of State Nevada organized B2B meetings according to the profile of the represented company and provided mentoring and networking support. Companies returned from the United States richer with new experiences, ideas, and most importantly - with new business partners. [...]

Recently Lublin’s IT development company EMBIQ has joined the group of successful companies on the American market. which started a partnership with the Ioterra platform.  

Ioterra is an online marketplace which allows companies to build business relationships. The platform connects businessmen introducing innovations in intelligent technologies. Companies can browse Ioterra to find resources, platforms and specialist service providers for the "Internet of Things" range.

Thanks to this, projects that are created in Lublin can get through the ocean. - First successes are behind us.  Thanks to the NLab competition in January we had a great opportunity to fly to the United States and visit Reno and Las Vegas - says EMBIQ’s CEO Alexey Shabalovskiy. - We met there extraordinary and inspiring people who, like us, are looking for the most modern solutions.  It was obvious that we had to partner with some of them.  One of the fruits of the trip to Nevada is our knowledge of Ioterra. In March we hosted Danny deLaveaga, the co-founder of this American company, in our Lublin office. We believe that the partnership will help us to be more visible on the American market and to gain new customers from the West - added Shabalovskiy. [...]

HERE you can find the original version (Polish)



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