Ioterra interviewed EMBIQ

We have just announced that we started a partnership with Ioterra and now we proudly present you an interview which was taken by Danny deLaveaga, Ioterra’s co-founder, with Alexey Shabalovskiy, CEO of EMBIQ. 


Full interview you can find HERE


Are you curious about the beginnings of EMBIQ? See some interview passages:


Danny: [...] We’re here in your headquarters in Lublin, Poland. We’re excited about your new operation in the states coming soon!

Alex: Nice to see you here! [...] We started from mobile apps and mobile application development and that was actually a time when this kind of industry didn’t exist. Mobile devices were recognized as something to make calls, it was not so obvious that you can also use it with an internet connection or for some applications. But we did that! We developed applications for those phones. We started with building mobile apps, and they were mainly developed in Java Mobile Edition. Did you know it? 


Danny: What do you now do for mobile apps now? [...]

Alex: [...] Right now EMIBQ is a company that has huge experience in all that range of software development. Starting from concept through the feasibility studies, PoC, demonstrators ending with building custom software for different purposes, building actual production software and, of course, deployment procedures on that. So the range covers all the stages of the software development process, this is what we do right now and our main goal is to provide a complex range of services in the field of software development.


During our talk we haven’t forgotten about OCKO! This is something we always want to share with you and explain how it works. 


Danny: You are selling these right now in the market?

Alex: Yes, absolutely. OCKO is an analytic system that can tell you about the behavior of customers. For example, people visiting the shopping mall. Thanks to our project you can gain information about their behavior within a particular time and space. You can predict the most crowded place, how many customers are coming back or where are they from. According to that, you can build a strong marketing strategy and continuously improve it. And it is only an example. 


That’s not all. Danny and Alex were talking about the future of EMBIQ.


Danny: What is the vision of the company? 

Alex: To provide complex software development services. We want to do it with the best quality, we are sure we can achieve it because we do it every day. Another thing is to extend our knowledge to the newest technologies. In our company, almost every project has something new, some new piece of technology is being used. [...] We know how to use different solutions and we can advise our customers which one will be the best for them or how to build a project up to complete the product.


We have met with Ioterra in March 2020 in Lublin, Poland in EMBIQ's Office. As a certified service partner, EMIBQ looks forward to continuing to expand for new projects and start new inspirational projects by leveraging Ioterra’s network. See our profile - EMBIQ on Ioterra. 


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