joyn - a new app for connecting people and sharing passions

Do you enjoy sports, spending time with your friends and meeting new people? If so, try out joyn - our Client’s new application, built by EMBIQ team of developers. The app is already available in Google Play.


The joyn application is designed for connecting people who have similar interests. As its’ creators say: some things are just better when you share them with others!

joyn app - how does it work?

However, arranging group activities might sometimes be complicated. This is exactly where joyn comes in handy. With this app you can easily connect with new people who enjoy the things that you like the most as well as with your friends. What is probably even more important, joyn allows for organising events (secret, just for friends or open) in a very convenient way. You can be sure that information about an upcoming meeting will reach every user it should.

Therefore, this app is designed in a way that makes it very intuitive and practical. While using it, you will not encounter any redundant features, thousands of meaningless photos or news completely unrelated to your hobbies. On the contrary: with joyn you will be kept posted about events and activities matching your interests in which you can take part.

Download joyn!

If you own an Android device, download joyn for for free from Google Play, share it with your friends and enjoy the fun it brings! Polish version is running. English and Russian are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Polish website:
For more information visit:


joyn application built by EMBIQ team of developers on the commision of our Client


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