Mobile EEG device - our new project carried out on behalf of enQuant company

Telemedicine is one of our specialisations, so we are truly pleased to take up another ambitious project in this area. This time, EMBIQ is constructing a mobile EEG device that will help patients with epilepsy.


This task is a part of a bigger project conducted by our Client - Enquant (a Polish technological company). The aim is to create a complex system for diagnosing epilepsy, monitoring patients’ health and for providing them with therapeutic consultations. This innovative project is co-financed by the European Union.

Mobile EEG

At the commision of Enquant, EMBIQ is building a device for in-home examination. With this mobile EEG, patients suffering from epilepsy will be able to do check-ups by themselves. The device is going to be lightweight and easy to use. Examination results will be sent directly to the QNeuro system for further analysis and verification.

The prototype of this instrument is soon going to be ready for the first demonstration.

EMBIQ’s experience in telemedicine

This is obviously not the first medicine-related project executed by our team. Currently, via Teleinfomed company (EMBIQ’s subsidiary), we are working on Droplet - an instrument designed for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease on its’ early stage by measuring the seismic mass of a single drop of blood. At the moment, we are also developing a method for detecting cardiovascular conditions.

Mobile KTG constitutes another example of our competence. It allows for non-invasive examination during pregnancy and it has already been patented.


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