Ph.D. Eng Wojciech Surtel joins EMBIQ team!

We are happy to announce that Ph.D. Eng Wojciech Surtel is now a member of EMBIQ’s team. As a head of Research and Development in one of our major projects, he will be responsible i.a. for works concerning construction of sensors that can be used in smart city solutions.


Ph.D. Eng Wojciech Surtel is a researcher and a senior lecturer at Lublin University of Technology. He conducts academic classes and Research and Development projects, concerning i.a. construction of telemedical systems for diagnostics, systems for intelligent life functions sensors and the use of mobile solutions in telemedicine. He is a co-author of over 80 scientific publications and a few patent applications.

Now he will be also working at EMBIQ. Ph.D. Eng Wojciech Surtel will be a key member of a team responsible for conducting a project entitled “Sensor platform to be applied in the Internet of Things”. This project received EU subsidy. For its realisation we will use the possibilities of our existing systems - OCKO and BLOKO - complemented with new elements.

Of course, Ph.D. Eng Wojciech Surtel is still a vice-president of Teleinfomed Sp. z o.o. - EMBIQ’s subsidiary, established for the purpose of conducting projects in the field of telemedicine. He will continue, i.a., the ongoing work on Droplet - a device designed for diagnosing the Alzheimer’s disease.