Request a medical appointment with this new app

Patients from Warsaw can now schedule a home medical visit very conveniently - by using an application called “LekarzOBOK”. Our company, EMBIQ, had the pleasure of preparing this application to be launched on Polish market.


The app is available on AppStore and Google Play since the beginning of the month and many patients are already using it. Currently, it provides home medical visits in Warsaw agglomeration. The owner of the service, on the commision of whom we adapted this app to the needs of Polish users, plans to expand the offer to other cities during next year.

LekarzOBOK - the app for patients - prepared for Polish market by EMBIQ

“LekarzOBOK” app - how does it work?

The application for patients is designed to make home medical visits accessible and convenient. Users can request visits on any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. A doctor arrives at a patient’s home in no more than an hour, unless the user has chosen a different time for the appointment.

Such services are suitable both for adult patients and for children. In case of many complaints and common illnesses, such as cold or flu, a home visit is a great alternative to a ‘traditional’ appointment in a health center.

To find out more about the “LekarzOBOK” app and what medical assistance you can request by using the service, please visit

App for doctors

“LekarzOBOK” was released also in a version for doctors. This app enables a doctor to accept visit requests from patients and check their location.

LekarzOBOK - the app for doctors - an example of EMBIQ software development competencies

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