December 21, 2017

Discover Płock with the city’s new website

Finding information on matters that are crucial for the city’s development and even browsing statistical data becomes easy with “Strategic Płock” website. Our company, EMBIQ, had the pleasure to develop it at the commision of city’s Municipal Office.

It was created as a communication tool for the self-government of Płock. Its aim is to provide current information and to facilitate citizens’ participation in decision-making processes. For example, the website already helps to conduct public consultation by presenting key information on the city’s new development strategy. However, the website is also addressed to other public institutions, private companies and to everyone who would like to know more about the city.

Statistics module: interactive maps and charts

The website administrators can publish news or add events to a publicly available calendar. But the website provides also a mechanism for presenting statistical information in a graphic form. All the data, that was earlier available only as rows of numbers, can now be shown on charts or displayed as layers of a map. This feature is interactive and users can choose what information they would like to view on a given template.

With this mechanism, statistical information becomes more accessible, easier to analyse and understand. Therefore, this feature is very helpful to engage a wider group of citizens in public discussions.

Other features

The website also includes tools for gathering information on people’s opinions and for interacting with the users. There’s a poll generator, a newsletter module and a discussion forum. All these features and all the information on the website can be managed from a CMS panel. website

As a part of the project, we’ve also built a website that presents information about CIFAL Global Network. This organisation provides trainings for public officials and local leaders. It also aims at stimulating information exchange between private sector and public institutions. Since 2004 Płock is a home to one of the ten centers that compose the global CIFAL network. The newly launched website is available at:





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