TELEINFOMED - market of modern medical technologies

Times are not so simple now but we cannot complain - medical technology is getting bigger and better. It is said that better integration of Artificial Intelligence can be very helpful to deal with the impact of COVID-19. And we strongly believe in these words! Most of governments from all over the world are relying on some senors and powerful algorithms to provide safety for people. And this is a great opportunity for software houses working with Artificial Intelligence and the IoT area. 

Did you know EMBIQ also is working in the area of medical technologies? Let us remind you about TELEINFOMED, a science-business spin-off in cooperation with Lublin University of Technology and Medical University in Lublin. TIM is a software house specialized in creating software solutions and deal with the construction of physically existing equipment.

From TIM you can learn about our modern devices for health care like BIOXEE which is based on breakthrough method for non-invasive measurement of heart rate waves and arterial stiffness. 

We have a quite new website which will help you to reach more information about our projects. Feel free to check our TIM website and learn more about TELEINFOMED solutions.

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