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March 15, 2022

The most unconventional projects based on UWB (UPDATED)

Fight with insects with UWB

Did you know you can beat termites thanks to UWB? you can detect these movements within seconds with our ultra-wideband sensor technology. What is important, you can measure in real-time and without a blind area. Ilmsens shows us that we can detect worms without special effort.


Connectivity on a stage

Here we find a proof that UWB can be used even for artists! Thanks to Aliko solution, ultrawide-band technology was used to produce “Le Premier Royaume,” a historical live tales in park theme. The show cycles continually for seven hours per day, utilizing 14 sets that occupy 2,200 square metres of space. The solution has to find the exact location of an actor on stage, activating microphones, sound-, and lighting effects, at the precise moment required. Only the UWB can be the perfect match!  Ultra-Wideband is the next generation of radio technology. Just like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband (UWB) is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves. Simply put, UWB can do more, more precisely, more reliably, and under a greater variety of conditions. Compared to its counterparts, it is currently the most precise technology for establishing locations indoors.

Collect the data from agriculture business

UWB in greenhouses? That is not a problem! Spark Control and EMBIQ developed an indoor positioning system for large areas. We started with a greenhouse and tested our system there, but ultimately we want to reach all sectors. The system of sensors allows you to monitor in real-time the progress and location of employees.

Quick process for sports tactics

In recent years, wearable performance monitoring systems have become increasingly popular in competitive sports. Wearable devices can provide vital information including distance covered, velocity, change of direction, and acceleration, which can be used to improve athlete performance and prevent injuries. Have you ever wondered how we can measure analytics in sports? Yes, the UWB is one of the best technology used in sports! Why? As Catapult says, their solution can monitor the workload of athletes and support detailed injury rehabilitation processes. You need only the UWB tags and 100 athletes. Looks like impossible? It is not!

Fighting with COVID-19

Still, it is an unconventional solution that assist us every day for 2 years. We are talking about social distancing, of course. Now it is easier with UWB. Using EGOpro (tag) active tags, is designed to only respond to transmission if it is within 6 feet. The technology was developed for the industrial market, but the COVID-19 quarantine has opened up a different application and market that the company is now serving.

Tags for your smartphone

AirTag is a small accessory that helps track and find the items with Apple’s Find My app. The little device is equipped with the Apple-designed U1 chip using Ultra-Wideband technology, which lets it show us the device precisely. AirTag that are too far from their owner and out of Bluetooth range will use the Find My network, which uses Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac Find My network can detect Bluetooth signals from a lost AirTag. Communication with the Find My network is end-to-end encrypted. Only the owner of a device has access to its location data.

Because Galaxy SmartTag+ is both BLE- and UWB-enabled, you can now use AR technology to find your missing item. The AR Finder guides you with an easy-to-follow interface on your UWB-equipped smartphone, which shows you how far away you are from your Galaxy SmartTag+ and points you in its direction. And once you’re closer to the tag’s location, you can choose to have it produce a loud ring so that even if it’s slipped under the sofa, you’ll have no trouble finding it.

Tha latest news about Xiaomi Ultrawide band tells about a revolution in the control and automation of smart home devices. It is a technology that is already included in the flagship smartphone Xiaomi MIX 4 and thanks to it you will be able to control smart home devices with a simple by pointing the smartphone towards the device. The new UWB technology should be integrated into more Xiaomi smartphones as a GPS-like chip. He can locate our position in the space in which we are. It should also work smoothly and accurately indoors, where GPS often has a problem.

Make UWB more keyless

There is more convenient and secure keyless vehicle access. CoSmA is a smartphone based access solution for vehicles. It replaces the traditional key fob and provides enhanced functionalities, making vehicle access and start more convenient by using a smartphone. UWB is our latest feature for CoSmA, it offers an exact and precise localization using Time-Of-Flight measurement. CoSma enhanced with with Ultra-Wideband provides maximum driver convenience as well as advanced antitheft security.

UWB can help to detect children in a car

Continental has developed a function that uses UWB radio waves to detect if someone is inside the car and warn the parents. 

Source: Continental /

Automobile supplier Continental has created a left-behind child recognition feature. The system uses ultrawideband technology, which analyzes reflected radio waves using the radar concept and operates at 6 to 10 GHz transmission frequencies. Suppose the driver has left a youngster in the car after locking it. In that case, the system will send an alarm message to them within ten seconds using frequency and phase shifts in the reflected radio waves to recognize their unique breathing and micromovement patterns. Continental's CoSmA digital vehicle access solution incorporates the warning system for this reason. Making additional hardware unnecessary by using CoSmA UWB transceivers for access solutions and CPD ultimately reduces system cost and simplification. As a trailblazing solution, CoSmA keeps improving and innovating the user experience in cars of the digital era. Child-Presence-Detection enables vehicle manufacturers to meet future safety targets of Euro NCAP and US regulations for 2025.

There are only a few examples of unconventional ideas how to use UWB technology. Do you know more or have an idea that EMBIQ can develop? Feel free to contact us - 

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