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OpenAI powered next level of bench exchange and staff augmentation

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the demand for skilled programmers is ever-increasing. EMBIQ, with its forward-thinking approach, has developed a unique system that leverages the power of OpenAI to work with anonymous professional profiles of programmers.

Technologies used

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Angular


Chat GPT, OpenAI


Project members

7 months

Project length

AI Development, Custom Software Development




Challenge image

The challenge

The primary challenge was to create a unified data exchange format for candidates suitable for staff augmentation and bench exchange. Ensuring the manual entry and subsequent anonymization of profiles was crucial. Maintaining the candidates' identity protection was imperative while providing comprehensive information for partners.

Working on this project was a unique experience. Integrating OpenAI with our system brought a new level of precision and efficiency. It's amazing to see how technology can transform the recruitment process, making it more streamlined and unbiased.

Alex, CEO
Alex, CEO
Challenge image

The result

EMBIQ's solution was a system developed using Python Django, with a PostgreSQL database and an Angular interface. The core feature was the integration of OpenAI, especially ChatGPT. This integration ensured that OpenAI operated exclusively on already anonymized profiles, eliminating any potential risks associated with data privacy. The system's design allowed for precise matching of these anonymous profiles with publicly available service requests, ensuring that the right talent was paired with the right opportunity.

    The collaboration between our team and OpenAI has been seamless. The challenge was not just about integrating a technology but ensuring that it aligns with our core values of data privacy and unbiased talent matching. I'm proud of what we've achieved.

    Bartek, CTO
    Bartek, CTO

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