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Footfall analytics in transportation

The created platform uses tools such as DSDi Mobile, DSDi Manager and DSDi User to assist installation professionals and help them stay in control over service works.

Technologies used

WiFi, AdobeCC, OCKOTech, LTE, WebSocket, MySQL, iBeacon, Django, Android, Apple, MongoDB, Cloud


Jenkins, Jira, Confluence


Project members

13 months

Project length



Smart City


Challenge image

The challenge

Signals emitted by smartphones powered by Android or Apple iOS are being evaluated when connected to WiFi as well as Bluetooth. It gathers data of passenger traffic density between given areas including date, time, days of the week and bus lines, and how a specific bus line is crowded in particular areas. That was made possible with placing small devices in vehicles in order for them to receive signals from passengers and analyze them.

We are proud to call the infrastructure ours. With this program, it is possible to oversee device parameters and every piece of data goes through our solution. Personally, the major challenge was to implement spatial databases. The program can be operated, accessed, ported to various types of devices which results in integration with external systems, and it is possible to customize the system for WLAN devices with Open WRT.

Kamil, Dev Ops
Kamil, Dev Ops
Challenge image

The result

The solution based on gathering and analyzing information on the road traffic structure is crucial for proper routes, bus stops and timetables. Individually selected technology, considering the scale of measurement (time and area) or specification of the area, ensure low costs, without high-volume investments in infrastructure. Thanks to the signals emitted by smartphones powered by Android and Apple iOS based on measures from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth let the Client collects reliable data.

    In this project, the initiative was on our side, since the client was offered to receive a ready-made solution. The analytical panel and algorithms were developed completely from scratch. Delving into a new industry was very beneficial, considering the fact of earning the client s trust

    Kacper, Project Manager
    Kacper, Project Manager

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