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Management in agro-industries

Spark Control is an indoor positioning system for large areas. UWB solution made it work with a precision ranging from 5-10 cm.

Technologies used

Angular, Django, MySQL, WebSocket, Kerling, ESP32, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, UWB


Jenkins, Jira, Confluence


Project members

18 months

Project length

Web. hardware




Challenge image

The challenge

The system was generated to manage employees, plan and monitor spending time accurately in different areas. The extensive panel shows tasks assigned to different employees, and the user has the ability to create long-term plans with an option of being prioritized. Ultra-wideband stands out with its accuracy since it has an autonomous solar power supply and long-range wireless communication. Thus, any additional infrastructure is not needed. The project is based not only on UWB technology, but also on LoRa WAN. Thanks to this solution, its accuracy of measurement is up to 5-10 centimeters. An autonomous solar power supply and a wireless long-range connection.

Fixing deficiencies and configurations was very demanding, however, UWB technology was the only appropriate solution, since it is the most accurate in the asset tracking area.

Challenge image

The result

Users can define areas (greenhouses) according to their own requirements and needs, including cultivated vegetables, thanks to which they can easily assess the efficiency of their activities by analyzing reports and calculating the time of task completion. The set of alerts gives you the opportunity to make the right decisions and start quick actions in the irregularities of the cultivation process and plant harvesting.

    I tackled the task of implementing wireless communication (BLE and LoRaWAN) and communication with the project’s UWB module. It was in fact effortful to interpret received results from greenhouses.


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