Mobile app for influencers

Mobile integration through Social Media is a core feature of indaHash. This is the simplest way to connect influencers with brands, everything accessible from a mobile app!



indaHash is a social media community platform which allows brands and online content creators to manage their marketing strategies. indaHash uses automated services which help to distribute a brand or content according to gender, age, location, interests and hashtags. Influencers can track and moderate their “marketing campaigns”. This way, it makes it easier for brand owners to advertise.

EMBIQ handled the request from the embedded webview in order for the application to load correctly and had all the functions which were required by the client. Native system functions and external libraries have been used (e.g. from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Bartek, Architect

Integration in this project was a bit of abstraction – it was not a typical project using a frontend framework. Fitting changes to Social Media tools was definitely a challenge.

Marek, Project Manager


Thanks to the integration of Android/iOS SDK with embedded WebApp, indaHash is connected with Social Media like Facebook or Instagram by native SDK and much more. All of this is to keep third-party features reliable and smooth as possible. indaHash is also integrated with Google Analytics, what is helpful for both, influencers and enterprises.



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