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Smart parking sensors

SPSF is an advanced parking sensor which assists in real-time monitoring parking spaces. And it displays information if a single parking space is occupied and measures the time of occupation.

Technologies used

PostgreSQL, WebSocket, Arduino, Angular, LoRaWAN, Django, Python, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, kerlink


Jenkins, Jira, Confluence


Project members

6 months

Project length

Hardware & firmware


Smart City


Challenge image

The challenge

The sensor is designed to work in Smart Cities parking systems or can be a part of the ITS system. SPSF Server Using the SPSF API, parking space occupancy data can be quickly integrated with the search and guidance support system for free parking spaces or other mobile applications. Basic data stored on the SPSF Server is the unique number of a single parking sensor and its current status (occupied/ free). The SPSF server and the data stored on it are the basis for additional services.

There was a dilemma between choosing the right kind of are accessed. sensor, such as light or a distance measurement one. The collected data between the sensors were differentiated, which made the choice tough.

Challenge image

The result

SPSF is an advanced parking sensor, which verifies in real-time whether or not a single parking space is occupied and monitors the time of occupation. The sensor is designed to work in Smart Cities parking systems or can be a part of the ITS system. Real-time information on parking space usage reduces the time to search for a parking space, allows you to optimize the use of spaces, increase parking revenues and reduce CO2 emissions.

    We had to come up with an outstanding program with its attribute of 2KB memory (2048 zeros or ones!) when skyrocketing resources on mobile devices and computers are accessed.


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